About Us

SEDO Research Ltd is intended to provide reliable data survey support to those market research companies and agencies present in the Hungarian market who need proactive, professional and stable data supply. We provide a solution where day-to-day human resources management represents a problem – be it the lack of analysts or interviewers.

Our Team

Péter Doman

Research management

During the data survey process we keep in direct touch with the consumer. In our work we aspire to forward the received answers as accurately as possible to our partners. Our goal is to supply such data which serve as a stable basis for each research participant.

+36 20 378 39 28

Barbara Süle

Project manager – currently on maternity leave

Since I’ve joined to SEDO Research team, I’m improving my skills day by day in both customer service and quality of data collection. We’re on an exciting journey and it’s good to see positive feedback from our partners. Every project is a new challenge and we welcome it.

+36 30 714 15 75

Luca Szacskó

Project manager

I’ve always desired a job where I can get the opportunity to evolve with the company who I work for. When I started to work as a member of the team of SEDO Research in 2018, I felt like I’m home. I’m surrounded by people who are individuals one by one but even so we develop together on a daily basis to provide quality data collection for our partners in every areas.
Today I can say that my job is my profession and every project is a new opportunity to prove.

+36 30 184 3352

Beáta Varga

Project manager – Számít a szavad

As a member of the team, I am primarily responsible for managing qualitative research through the Számít a szavad (Your Word Matters) platform. In addition to my knowledge of psychology, my degree in communication also contribute to a successful partnership with clients and helps working effectively with users. It is extremely important for me to understand the reasons behind the decisions by getting to know people’s thinking and personal views, thus ensuring quality and accurate data collection for our partners.

+36 30 160 2939

National Coverage

Our company has an instructor network covering the entire country, which guarantees that we will supply the delegated task to our client with a representative sampling at short notice.