2020 – Market research in times of crisis, forward-looking solutions


Encouraged by the success of the 2019 Market Research Conference, we held our professional event again in September 2020 to gather again this year to discuss the experiences, problems and solutions of the past year.

The guests started an exciting professional conversation after their arrival and this remained so until the end of the round table.

Lectures at a professional conference:

What are the 30s – the results of a PR research – Peter Schauermann, Scale

Patient care and telemedicine in the COVID19 situation, the experiences and expectations of Hungarian doctors – Balázs Kertész, Synapse

“We had to meet somewhere, I knew you would find me somewhere anyway” – The values ​​provided by the classic, personal interviews and the possibilities of implementation during and after the COVID epidemic – Tamás Falus, Kantar Hoffmann

Számít a szavad, or don’t the tail wiggle the dog – Péter Doman, SEDO Research

The round table discussion, moderated by Dr. András Szabó, who participated in our event on behalf of the Synapse, was not missed this year either.

Thank you to all our partners for participating!

And if you join next year, you can notify Péter Doman: peter.doman@sedoresearch.hu