How We Work


During the projects that our clients ordered, we are careful about the preparation of fieldwork which is detailed and satisfies every request. In case of quantitative research, programming of questionnaires, testing, setting up and education of the interviewer team and the timing of data collection are happening during the preparation process. In case of qualitative research, recruiting participants, prefiltering and phone monitoring. Our goal is to satisfy every request of our clients.

Data Collection

We carefully execute data collection with the help of modern softwares and processes. We pay attention to strictly comply with filters, quota parameters and to be strictly complied with them. Thanks to the continuous communication, our clients have up-to-date information on the status of data collection throughout the fieldwork.


We pay strict and continuous attention to the coordination of our projects. Our control group ensures high-quality data and smooth proceeding of research studies by monitoring continuously the collected data of quantitative research and the participants of qualitative research, so the weight of coordinating fieldwork can slip off from our clients’ shoulders.

Data Cleaning

Our interviewer team carefully handles collected data. Our analyst team makes ready-to-analyze databases based on our clients’ requests and delivers them in the requested format after checking them multiple times. We provide basic frequency and crosstabs from the collected data to support analysis and from which we make a full analysis – if needed.